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Delta-8 Dark Chocolate Bars (10ct) 500mg
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Delta-8 Dark Chocolate Bars (10ct) 500mg

At Terpboys, our mission is to continuously strive to create products that are superiour and a step above anything else on the market. Our milk & dark chocolate bars are no exception.

Packed with 500mg of Delta-8 THC, Terpboys 500MG Delta-8 Dark Chocolate Bars bring a delicious, creamy, sweet and luxurious experience with each mouthful. Our dark chocolate bar is guaranteed to appease your cocoa cravings while reaping the benefits that Delta-8 THC has to offer. Be warned, just one square packs a powerful, chocolate-filled punch that can be enjoyed any time! Each square has 50mg of Delta-8 THC.

Also available in Terpboys 500MG Delta-8 Milk Chocolate.

For more information on Delta-8 THC, visit our FAQ page.

Additional information

- 500mg Delta
- 8 Per Bar
- 10 Squares
- 50mg Per Square
- Hand-Crafted
- Authentic Cocoa
- GMP Certified
- Made in the USA


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What exactly is Delta-8?

The psychoactive compound of Delta-8 is very similar to that of Delta-9 THC, which can naturally be found in cannabis plants. Typically, when individuals discuss THC, they usually allude to this substance.

Though identical to Delta-9 THC, the delta-8 THC’s molecular structure is somewhat different, making it far less intense.

What are the benefits of Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC generates euphoria, relaxation and potential pain alleviation similar to Delta-9, although a lot milder.

The decreased potency may benefit those who do not wish to experience an intense “high.”

Will Delta-8 THC get you high?

Due to Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC being similar to each other, it will give you a high; however, many users have described it as a much milder high than its Delta-9 counterpart.